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10.31 2017

Great Strategic Upgrading of Starry Asia Entertainment, I Do Culture Corporation helps Promote "Entertainment Upgrade"

On the afternoon of October 31, 2017, Starry Asia Entertainment held "Entertainment Upgrade - 2017 Starry Asia Entertainment Strategic Upgrade and B-round Financing Conference" at the Studio of China Film Directors Center, and announced the official completion of a new round of financing as well as the overall upgrade in the direction of full-situation strategy. Invited to attend the conference were Mr. Li Houlin, Chairman of HIERSUN and I Do Culture Corporation, founder of I Do Brand, and Ms. Yang Yu’nong, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of I Do Culture Corporation.

The event has also brought together leaders in the entertainment industry and crossover industry, including: Wang Zhonglei, Co-Founder, Vice Chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers Media Co., Ltd.; Hu Haiquan, famous musician and cutting-edge investor; Yang Ning, famous angel investor and founding president of China Young Angel Investor Leader Association; Wang Qian, chairman of Herun Media; Shen Zhenhong, founding partner of Junyuan Capital; Xiao Fei, founder and CEO of UP Pictures; Wang Bo, chairman of Star Okay Super Order and vice president of UP Pictures, Liu Zehui and Shao Zhenxing from Legend Capital, the investor of this round, and Luo Haiqiang, chairman and executive vice president of China Minsheng Investment Co., Ltd., who witnessed a new era in which Starry Asia Entertainment opened the scene entertainment.

Group photo of Starry Asia Entertainment’s shareholders

Full scene IP interactive entertainment marketing

Annual key project strategy released

For Starry Asia Entertainment with a strong background of concert experience, from the "film-singing linkage" at the Mr. Six Concert at Beijing Workers' Gymnasium to today's "Full Scene IP Interactive Entertainment Marketing", its rapid development took only a year and a half, and the concert expanded to scene entertainment. At the conference, Mr. Ma Le, CEO of Starry Asia Entertainment, released the three major projects in 2017-2018: "LIVE Concert Tour of The Rap of China in 6 Cities", "2018 ULTRA CHINA Electronic Music Festival" and "isy Sanya International Music Festival based on the development layout of scene that is built for three years”, and also announced a series of performances in advance, including the "program of 9 stations of Angela Chang - Pure 2017 World Tour" and "Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Credit Card LIVE CONCERT Super DIVA concert".

Famous singer Angela Chang appears on the conference site

With the launch of the new project, Starry Asia Entertainment will vigorously lay out location-based entertainment and live music industries, combine with high-quality enterprises in crossover industries, lock "full scene IP interactive entertainment marketing" in development tactics, take "entertainment+" as strategic direction, supplement by innovation and integrated marketing capabilities, combine with the integration of new media resources, and vigorously promote the consumption upgrade of entertainment.

Mr. Ma Le, CEO of Starry Asia Entertainment

Brand I Do supports Starry Asia Entertainment

Create "film-singing linkage" pure love audio-visual feast

As one of the shareholders of Starry Asia Entertainment, Mr. Li Houlin, chairman of HIERSUN and I Do Culture Corporation, and founder of brand I Do, witnessed the entire process of Starry Asia Entertainment’s strategy upgrading from "location-based entertainment era 1.0" to "full scene IP interactive entertainment marketing" in actual business cooperation. "More than one year after the first round of shareholding, brand I Do and Starry Asia Entertainment have had in-depth business cooperation and exchange. The work experience all this way also makes me feel Mr. Ma Le and Starry Asia Entertainment’s development." Mr. Li Houlin said at the press conference.

As early as in July 2016, brand I Do and Starry Asia Entertainment held I Do - Alive Young concert, which assembled a lot of music fans and film fans to pay tribute to "youth in the past" and "youth at present" in the form of film - singing linkage, showing a restless, yearning, crazy and affectionate wonderful performance for fans.

In December 2016, the two parties again held a joint concert I Do To • Love, which invited popular pop singer such as Jolin Tsai, Elva Hsiao, Angela Chang, Elephant Dee and Li Ronghao in the name of love, to sing classical love songs, present a "most romantic" + "most intimate" pure love music feast for lovers, and let the fans feel this audio-visual feast full of love closely.

I Do Culture Corporation explores a new pattern of entertainment industry

Extend diversified scene experience of film and TV

Currently, I Do Culture Corporation founded by Mr. Li Houlin has accelerated its pace on the track of cultural and entertainment industries. Centered on R & D, production and investment of film and TV, it is investing in and producing high-quality cultural industry projects while purchasing and developing high-quality content IP, fully covering film and television, animation, network products, games, agent and other resources. I Do Culture Corporation will deeply cultivate in the field of film culture industry, cooperate with advantageous resources inside and outside the industry, and create in-depth cooperation in the whole industry chain with an international perspective. The way of I Do Culture Corporation’s exploration of new pattern of cultural and entertainment development coincided with Starry Asia Entertainment’s strategic upgrade plan.

Mr. Li Houlin, Chairman of HIERSUN, I Do Culture Corporation, founder of brand I Do, spoke on the stage as a shareholder

As an important strategic layout for the future, Starry Asia Entertainment has chosen to focus on cross-resource integration of location-based entertainment and concerts. With the deep development of IP realization capacity and high-quality content IP, this model may become a development trend of the future industry.

Ms. Yang Yu’nong, co-founder and executive vice president of I Do Culture Corporation, also mentioned: "with the improvement of Chinese consumers’ demand level and the promotion of Internet, science and technology, the content and form of entertainment products are more and more diversified, and the single film business is difficult to support the sustained and steady development of large-scale companies. 'Film + Music', 'Film + Concert', 'Film + Live Performance' and so on are all ways to expand and try. In the future, we will do it together, to integrate public expectation to content IP, products, and sense into a complete scene experience, and continue to bring excitement to the public. "

Photo of guests (from left to right, Mr. Ma Le, CEO of Starry Asia Entertainment, Ms. Yang Yu’nong, co-founder and executive vice president of I Do Culture Corporation, Mr. Li Houlin, Chairman of HIERSUN Diamond and I Do Culture Corporation, founder of brand I Do)

The luxury shareholder group of Starry Asia Entertainment gathered on the scene, and Mr. Li Hualin also sent sincere wishes to Mr. Ma Le and Starry Asia Entertainment: "Starry Asia Entertainment is a young, dynamic, creative and rigorous team, Mr. Ma Le is my good friend. All through the way, as a working partner and friend in life, I have seen him lead the team to grow again and again, and I wish Starry Asia Entertainment a better future.”

Group photo of participating guests