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09.25 2017

I Do Culture Attends the 12th Chinese Youth Film Forum

The 12th Chinese Youth Film Forum "New Youth Production-Project Venture" was inaugurated at the Hanyang Hall on the second floor of Wuhan Shangri-La Hotel on the afternoon of September 25. Mr. Zheng Yang, Director of the Volunteer Services Department of China Federation of Literary and Art Film Center, chaired the opening ceremony.I Do Culture  Corporation was invited to attend the ceremony as a strategic partner.

Ms. Liu Haiyan, Vice General Manager of I Do Films

Zheng Yang, Director of the Volunteer Services Department of China Federation of Literary and Art Film Center

Photographer: Sheng Dan Shu Jun

Communication, assessment and inspection of 15 venture project finalists were carried out by a panel of judges, including Lu Hongshi, Vice Director of Movie Channel Program Center, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television; Wang Hongwei, Vice President of China Film Directors Association & Professor of Beijing Film Academy; Yi Zhiyan, film director & screenwriter from Taiwan; WaiMan Yip, Director from Hong Kong , Art Director of Kaihua Films, & Zhengqiji Project Tutor; Chen Hongwei, Deputy General Manager of Tencent Pictures, & General Manager of DreamWorks Studio; Wang Yibing, CEO of Dirty Monkey Films, joint founder and Chief Producer.

Photographer: Sheng Dan Shu Jun

From left to right: Chen Hongwei, Lu Hongshi, Wang Hongwei, Ye Weimin, Wang Yibing, and WaiMan Yip

Representatives for the 15 project finalists this year introduce their projects.

1 Old Gun

2 The Years of dandelion

3 Contra Magic

4 Where to settle

5 A Real Warrior

6 Wolf in the Distance

7 Rush 90 Days

8 Auspice

9 The Thirteenth Love

10 God Eagle

11 The Sun Hotel

12 Border Hunters

13 34 Days

14 Burning City of Youth

15 Great Agent

Representatives from the Project "Burning City of Youth"

Representatives from the Project "Auspice"

Representatives from the Project "The Thirteenth Love"

Representatives from the Project "34 Days"

Representatives from the Project "Old Gun"

Representatives from the Project "Where to Settle"

Representatives from the Project "God Eagle"

Representatives from the Project "Wolf in the Distance"

The judges carried out detailed questioning and communication on the candidate projects, made comprehensive evaluation and appraisal of the projects' selling points and feasibility, and provided meaningful suggestions for certain projects. The 15 finalist projects were awarded the title of "New Youth Production-Excellent Project Venture".

After the venture project meeting, the judge panel selected 5 winners: 1 "Great Prize Winner", 1 "Winner with Commercial Potentials", 1 "Winner with Best Ideas", 1 "Winner of Idea Wuhan", and 1 "Winner Caring for Children". The organizing committee of the Chinese Youth Film Forum will grant relevant support and cash incentives to the winning projects. The winners will be announced at the annual frontier promotion ceremony for the Chinese Youth Film Forum, which is worth the wait.

This year's "New Youth Production-Project Venture" has signed contracts with 21 strategic partners to provide the projects submitted by the young creators with more selection opportunities.

The list of winners is set forth below:

The "New Youth Production" Program is dedicated to identifying those excellent youth projects with commercial potentials or art value, and building a win-win platform between them and investors / producers, which will become the priority subject of future Chinese Youth Film Forum. We expect such names to appear on film screens as soon as possible and to be accepted by the market and acknowledged by the audience. However, due to quota limit, there will be certain good projects that have been missed. We will keep the platform open, and maintain close connection with the strategic partners, providing assistance to young creators with great potentials. The future will be unlimited, and inspirations will be endless!

Reprinted from the Chinese Youth Film Forum

Text Editor: Peng Shixiao

Art Editor: Peng Shixiao, Song Anan