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10.27 2017

From "Building Dreams " to "Making Dreams Come True", ToDream Culture Explores the New Track of IP Entertainment Industry

On October 27, 2017, the "Press Conference of Dreamland and Summit on Offline Themed Entertainment Consumption Industry", sponsored by ToDream Culture, took place in Beijing. Ms. Yang Yu’nong, co-founder and executive vice president of I Do Culture Corporation, was invited to attend the event as an honored guest of the sub-forum "Crossover between IP entertainment industry and commercial real estate".

Sub-Forum of "Crossover between IP entertainment industry and commercial real estate"

As an emerging “blue ocean”, offline real-world entertainment has caught the attention of related industries, capital and media in recent years. The event was also attended by many senior experts, including Anthony LaMolinara, famous American director and screenwriter; Zhang Lanxin, Partner of Horus Capital Management; Wang Wei, China strategy consultant of Australia Orem company; Wu Chuankun, chairman of WinShang (Group) Holding Co., Ltd.; Zhao Zilong, co-founder and CEO of Hero Media; Zhang Haibo, vice president of Shenzhen Ryu-Productions and founder of haituanjian; Shi Lingbo, CEO of Beijing Hieason Technology Co., Ltd.; Lu Jianhong, vice president of YiXun; Zheng Dawson, founder of Entertainment Capital; Jiang Shan, founder of PR Ren; Cui Yue, Chief Editor of Unique Entertainment Capital. They gathered to analyze the current market of offline themed entertainment consumption industry, and discuss how to realize the multi-win situation with realization of both content and traffic. Xue Linghao, founder and CEO of ToDream Culture, delivered a keynote speech at the conference.

Alliance between giants in IP entertainment industry and commercial real estate is currently a core issue facing location-based entertainment. During the process of jointly developing the blue ocean market, both parties are generally concerned about the issues: how to give full play to advantages, avoid errors and share dividends brought by traffic so as to maximize the value and benefits of both parties. At the sub-forum "Crossover between IP entertainment industry and commercial real estate", the speakers expressed their opinions and analyzed the way of IP operation from all aspects of the whole industry chain.

As the only female guest in the sub-forum, Yang Yu’nong, co-founder and executive vice president of HIERSUN Culture Corporation, shared how she was influenced by IP culture as a user from the perspective of women. "I am a fan of Disneyland, the most successful theme park in the world. Starting from animation culture, Disneyland has developed iteratively around a single IP to the extreme, switched freely between different entertainment formats, and won many fans around the world. As an IP operator, I know all the pathways of IP realization. However, at Disneyland, I fully immerse myself and find my girly heart. I still spend a lot of money in Disney Store buying derivative products. "Yang Yu’nong said with a smile.

Ms. Yang Yunong, co-founder and executive vice president of I Do Culture Corporation, is invited to attend

"Product Positioning - Precision, Collision and Realization"

ToDream Culture focuses on the immersive location-based entertainment in female market, mainly with exquisite, fantasy, fashionable and romantic five-sense experience. Xue Linghao, founder and CEO of Dream Culture, gave a keynote speech at the conference and released three theme parks including mythical type, cartoon type and fashion type. Different product lines cooperate with different commercial real estates, and continue to deeply cultivate and excavate the traffic value of location-based entertainment as the blue ocean.

Wang Wei, China strategy consultant of Australia Orem Company, shared a case with everyone. Shanghai Joy City is located as "young and fashionable", and carries out a flash mob theme activity together with “Gudetama”, which is popular online, increasing 15% of traffic and 40% of turnover for the mall, achieving a double harvest in traffic and revenue. Wu Chuankun, chairman of SHANGYING Holding Co., Ltd., also believed that the core issue of the combination between f commercial real estate and IP is the adaptability of both parties. Commercial real estate needs to select IP theme that matches its customer base and business philosophy so as to obtain good returns.

When the collision between commercial real estate and high-quality IP attracts precise audience, it will produce the power of realizing quickly. The entertainment marketing of IP in commercial real estate can bring traffic and brand effect, and commercial real estate can also bring additional value for IP.

Anthony LaMolinara, well-known American director and screenwriter, "China has great IPs, if you let me do, I will choose to develop IPs such as Journey to the West or the Monkey King"

"Source of Products - Diversity, Innovation and Inclusion"

In the entertainment industry, IP is located at the very top of the entire industrial chain. The source of IP comes from literature, animation, film, game, variety show, etc., particularly literature and animation provide rich original IP resources for the development of the entertainment industry at this stage. Film companies then make these IP into films and television series, to enlarge the IP fan size in the most popular way.

With nearly a decade of cross-media background and rich experience in capital operation, Yang Yu’nong believes that the cultural and entertainment industry itself is an industry that relies on creativity and content to promote development, which is diverse, open-minded and inclusive.

Launching ceremony of ToDream Culture Press Conference

"Consumption Contradiction - Upgrade, Fission and  Opportunity"

Entering a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the major social contradictions in our country have been transformed into the contradiction between people’s ever-growing need for a better life and the unbalanced insufficient development. The general public is pursuing a richer and more interesting experience to meet the needs for social contact and the spiritual pleasure. This actually releases a very important signal to commercial real estate, that commercial real estate shall also have content, situation and theme, which is a trend of future service for traffic.

Yang Yu’nong dissects the release of public demand for spiritual life from the film industry data for everyone: "In early September this year, the mainland box office has exceeded RMB 40 billion, two months earlier than 2016. At present, everyone is wondering whether the annual box office can exceed RMB 50 billion for the first time, and the growth momentum of film market is very strong. Audience’s recognition of an IP, in addition to contributing to the box office, will be converted to other forms of realization in upstream and downstream.” When a film or TV play ends, the games, derivatives, commercial real estate and location-based entertainment will continue to excavate IP fan traffic and create business value.

Therefore, for commercial real estate, by gradually opening up and relying on IP and content based on sections, forms and formats, forming a comprehensive and powerful combination of traffic based on IP matrix, and synthesizing the audience’s experience in content, products and commodities into a complete user experience, it can complete the transformation of commercial real estate at this stage, and bring continuous traffic.

Xue Linghao, CEO of ToDream Culture, delivered a keynote speech

"Pan Entertainment Industry Strategy - a long way to go, a future to expect"

With the construction of pan entertainment industry ecosystem layer by layer, more and more entertainment formats are subdividing and cultivating, to mine business value. The vitality of a good IP must not be limited to the broadcast and release of films and TV works. Literature, animation, games, advertising, derivatives, theme parks and so on can also develop the same IP to renew and convert fans’ emotional experience of IP.

Yang Yunong said: "In the past, we may only consider IP script development and production, but from now on, we must have a long-term strategic vision, and consider the follow-up of sustainable development and operation, after all, the diversified development of pan-entertainment industry is full of possibilities."

At the same time, Yang Yunong also introduced two excellent IP works that I Do Culture Corporation was operating: "We are preparing for the development of TV series of IP the Mythical Realm, which has accumulated a large number of fans through the Internet platform, and shown strong IP effect. For us, it is both pressure and motivation. We are also the main investor of the Hollywood epic animation film THE ARK & THE AARDVARK, and have got the full copyright development in Greater China. In the future, there will be a full scope of imagination and practice for the development of this new IP in the whole industry chain. Our entire team is very young, and accepts trends of new things quickly. In the development, production and operation of IP, they are also seeking for innovation and breakthroughs, everything is very open, and we are full of expectations for and cooperation with all parties in the future."