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11.08 2017

I Do Culture Corporation Signs a Contract with the Famous Director Yang Shaochang to Support the Production of the Animation Film “the Dragon”

Introduction: The famous animation film director Mr. Yang Shaochang will serve as director of the animation film the Dragon mainly managed by I Do Culture Corporation. On the afternoon of November 8, the signing ceremony was attended by: director Yang Shaochang, Mr. Shi Feng, co-founder and president of I Do Culture Corporation, and chief producer of the Dragon, Mr. Tao Zhanhai, executive producer of the Dragon, Mr. Li Shangyi, general manager of 1982 Screenwriting Studio under I Do Culture Corporation, and screenwriter Ms. Zhuo Ga, among others.

Mr. Shi Feng, co-founder and president of I Do Culture Corporation, and chief producer of the Dragon, sign agreement with the famous director Mr. Yang Shaochang

In recent years, the box office in China has experienced rapid growth. As an important genre, animation films also have brilliant performances: in 2015, the animation film Monkey King: Hero is Back got RMB 956 million yuan of box office and created a new record of domestic animation films in the mainland market, which also ranks among the top 10 in box office for animation films in Chinese mainland. The animation film Big Fish & Begonia released in 2016 got a total of RMB 560 million box offices. Although there is still a long way to go for Chinese animation films compared to the box-office and reputation of overseas introduced animation films, the momentum of gradual rise of the Chinese animation film market in recent years cannot be ignored.

Statistics show that during the release of Monkey King: Hero is Back, over 70% of its audiences were adults of 21-30 years old. It also gives an important signal to the entire industry: animation films are no longer made just for children, and adults with independent spending power and communication skills are also an important audience group of animation films.

In such a market environment, the opportunities and challenges faced by Chinese animation films are also obvious: the market prospects of Chinese animation films are vast, and the market needs more high-quality content and professional teams at the same time.

Group photo of Mr. Shi Feng, co-founder and president of I Do Culture Corporation, and chief producer of the Dragon, and the famous director Mr. Yang Shaochang

Yang Shaochang: directors, like conductors, can only create good works through continuous inspiration

Director Yang was a fan of animation since childhood. Since he entered 3D computer animation industry in 1992, he has served as director, producer, production director and supervisor of special effects. He has rich experience in different links of the animation field, and has studied in Sheriden College, the most famous animation school in Canada, to learn the creation system of European and American animation films. Over the 25 years, he has embodied his love in his own creation. In his opinion, "animation is a collective work of artists and techniques in many different fields. The process of creating animation is just like the Creator who creates everything from nothing. The director plays a role as a conductor, and can only create good works through constant inspiration."

Since he was engaged in the industry, director Yang Shaochang has had a very strict adherence. He believes that creation of a good animation film requires five elements, first of all, the work itself must have a story that can produce people’s resonance and has a correct structure, secondly, there must be character who can make people have empathy and worship. At the same time, it also requires art style that matches the story, as well as the quality of production recognized by the mainstream audience and the appropriate entertainment and audio-visual enjoyment. These five factors are indispensable.

Famous director Yang Shaochang and cartoon image in his work MUMU HUG

Shi Feng: fit of ideas makes the Dragon have both Eastern heritage and international perspective

Eastern and Western cultures have different understanding and extension of the "dragon", and the director also expressed his own opinion: "The Eastern Dragon represents the king, power, justice, loneliness and all kinds of mystery, I imagine that it may have many conflicts, because it has strong abilities but is not understood or recognized by other ethnic groups, and how the dragon deals with these internal and external issues will trigger a lot of plot tension and plot." The director hopes to tell a moving story that is more humanistic and emotional than the real world through the Dragon.

The most important reason for the cooperation between I Do Culture Corporation and Director Yang Shaochang is this cooperation is the fit of their ideas. Mr. Shi Feng, President of I Do Culture Corporation, has previously stated: "I Do Culture Corporation needs such professionals as Director Yang Shaochang with both oriental background and international perspective to join us, and get the Dragon prepared for going to international market." According to Director Yang Shaochang, in previous contacts, he found that the creative team of I Do Culture Corporation had the same creative concept as him, so he believes they can establish a mutual understanding during the endurance racing of animation creation, so that both parties could continue to provide the best ideas, technologies and resources.

Concept poster of the Dragon

The prosperity of the global animation film market is obvious to all. The development of Chinese animation films is also at a stage of learning and progress. Capital is constantly rushing in, technologies are more mature, contents are more diverse, and audiences are more and more broad. For the future market layout of of Chinese animation films, I Do Culture Corporation has always been forward-looking: overseas, it cooperates with the top Hollywood animation team on the epic masterpiece THE ARK & THE AARDVARK; at home, it creates its own original IP the Dragon, introduces Hollywood's advanced technologies and experiences based on THE ARK & THE AARDVARK, and polishes works with professional creative teams in the industry. It’s believed that Story of the Dragon can certainly become an animation film with excellent box office and good reputation.

Group photo of the creative team (from left to right: Ms. Zhuo Ga , screenwriter of 1982 Screenwriting Studio, Mr. Shi Feng, co-founder and president of I Do Culture Corporation, and chief producer of the Dragon, director Yang Shaochang, Mr. Li Shangyi, general manager of 1982 Screenwriting Studio, Mr. Tao Zhanhai, executive producer of the Dragon)