Content Production Center

The Content Production Center, with content as its core, is intended to incubate and produce commercial film and TV works suited to the laws of the market. Through the integration of the advantageous resources of the whole industry chain, it produces high-quality films and TV plays and under the premise of respecting the content, seeks breakthroughs in business.

Investment & Financing Management Center

Making use of various financing means in accordance with the Group's development strategy, the Investment and Financing Management Center is committed to providing customized investment and financing solutions for enterprises. While ensuring the development of the Group, supporting the operation of high-quality film and TV projects, and reducing the Group's operational risk, the Center has also made investment in excellent literary and artistic projects to create a high-quality eco-pattern along with the upstream and downstream of the industry chain.

IP Operation & Distribution Center

The IP Operation & Distribution Center is responsible for the industrial management and market operation of IP pan-entertainment, providing high-quality IP for the company's film and TV projects, and coordinating with the distribution work of the company's film and TV projects to ensure the maximization of project benefits.

Marketing & Public Relations Center

The Marketing & PR Center is responsible for formulating and implementing the Group’s brand and PR communications strategy, coordinating with the Group’s strategic cooperation, large-scale marketing activities and entertainment content marketing, and providing the overall support of marketing strategy for each center.

Artists CenterArtists

The Artists Center is responsible for the discovery of artists, training, promotion, publicity, brokerage agency and other work, committed to creating a comprehensive, professional, systematic service platform for stars. Gathering brokers and professionals in planning, publicity, public relations, and law, strong integrated marketing ability in entertainment, and integrating the Group's internal and external resources, the Center is committed to integrating film and TV works and fashion business with artists to play the power of 1 + 1>2.

HR & Admin Center

The HR & Admin Center is an integrated functional center that assists each division of the Group in dealing with daily work and is responsible for coordinating with HR, financial management, and administrative affairs.