Founder Team

Li Houlin

President of I Do Culture Corporation

President of HIERSUN, founder of I Do brand and I Do foundation

Mr. Li Houlin has long been regarded as a leader in China's jewelry industry for his outstanding ability in brand innovation and driving influence on the industry. In 1999, Mr. Li founded HIERSUN which has now become a leading enterprise in China's jewelry industry. I Do, a brand under the company, is China's largest retail diamond brand and also the most favorite jewelry brand of young Chinese consumers. So far, it has opened nearly 600 quality stores in core business circles in more than 150 cities across the country.

In 2016, Mr. Li integrated industry sectors and extended the eco-chain in a new mode from a forward-looking perspective and built four business sectors with great relevance to existing businesses and resources and with huge industry potential for development: HIERSUN Jewelry, I Do Culture, HIERSUN Internet, National Technology and Traditional Culture. I Do Culture is an important sector for HIERSUN to march towards the cultural entertainment industry.

Shi Feng

CEO of I Do Culture Corporation

Mr. Shi Feng is a well-known producer in the industry, with over 10 years of experience in leading the industry. He has operated many film and TV projects and his works have been shortlisted for the main competition unit of international famous film festivals such as Tokyo International Film Festival. In 2016, Shi joined hands with Mr. Li Houlin, chairman of HIERSUN Diamond in founding I Do Culture Corporation and served as the president of the Group. He has developed powerful brand strategy for the Group from IP reserve R&D, film and TV project investment and financing production, building of director and star studios, and film & game linkage.

Mr. Shi runs the show in person in the mainstream business film field, and teams up with Hong Kong-based director Mr. Jingle Ma for ten years in the classic "strategy for IP" in jointly making the commercial blockbuster Europe Raiders.  At the same time, he has integrated the resources of the global film and TV cultural industry, deepened the China-US cooperation in the film and TV industry, and operated a string of commercialized art projects for many domestic and foreign gold IP products.