An independently-operating culture corporation under HIERSUN Investment, I Do Culture Corporation consists of six branch companies, namely, I Do Films, I Do Animation, I Do Communication, I Do International, I Do Games, and Jingle Ma Studio.
Since its establishment in 2016, I Do Culture, with film & TV R&D, production and investment as its core business, has invested and produced high-quality cultural industry projects while purchasing and developing high-quality IP copyrights, comprehensively covering resources such as film & TV, animation, Internet life, games, and brokerage.
Vertically, I Do Culture has actively explored new forms of cultural development such as project investment incubation, film and game linkage, drama and film linkage. Horizontally, I Do Culture has integrated interactive entertainment, media communication, international cooperation and other platforms, and actively explored the new pattern of cultural development. I Do Culture will make efforts to cultivate the film culture industry and make use of the advantageous resources inside the industry and outside to establish an in-depth cooperation within the whole industry chain from the international perspective.

I Do Films I Do Animation I Do Communication I Do International I Do Games Jingle Ma Studio

A wholly-owned subsidiary of I Do Culture Corporation.

I Do Films is a professional film and TV organization integrating independent R&D, content production, business cooperation, and film and TV technology. Its business mainly covers the traditional project investment and financing production, film and game linkage and copyright production, and building of director and star studios. I Do Films will be rooted in the film cultural industry as the pioneer with a view to building a powerful brand in the new-generation Chinese film and TV industry.

An equity-holding subsidiary under I Do Culture Corporation.

I Do Animation is committed to becoming an authoritative company of animation, quadratic element, like-minded culture, etc. By purchasing core IP, working with quality authors, combining with self-owned screenwriting studios, artist resources, entertainment marketing and other powerful resources, I Do Animation is cultivating and establishing a personalized core professional team and building a new pattern for the development of the pan-entertainment industry.

An equity-holding subsidiary under I Do Culture Corporation.

I Do Communication focuses on brand marketing and communication services. An abiding follower of the principle of “with professionalism as the benchmark, standing out through integration and content planning, and giving practically effective results”, I Do Communication is committed to providing enterprises and brands with integrated effective marketing-oriented solutions such as PR strategy consulting & social marketing, new media marketing, etc.

An equity-holding subsidiary under I Do Culture Corporation.

Aiming at the future international entertainment trend market, I Do International focuses on creating entrainment and cultural contents such as fashion, trend, international, and quality. Through the collaboration of the four sectors, namely, film & TV / music / awards / creating stars, I Do International is establishing its profit-making model in the rapid-developing entertainment and cultural industry.

An equity-holding subsidiary under I Do Culture Corporation.

Focusing on the game development and operation based on film and game linkage, and drama and game linkage, I Do Games is committed to realizing the secondary development and transformation of film & TV IP, maximizing IP’s cross-border value and value-added space, and gaining access to an important part of the whole industry chain while providing all-round emotional connection and entertainment experience for the audience.

Hong Kong-based director Mr. Jingle Ma (Chucheng) has been at the helm of Jingle Ma Studio. Most of his works are romantic films or action films, which have earned unanimously high recognition from the audience for strong sense of picture and excellent reputation in the market. I Do Culture will, in conjunction with director Ma, develop and create classic films for the audience.[MORE]